His Young Lady is a historical fiction set somewhere in Europe in the 18th century. The story revolves about a noble girl named Lady Himeliariz Moorefield, only daughter of the renown Marchioness in Cardiff, Wales. She is a spoiled young lady, witty, smart and elegant and is closest to one person, Earl Stephan,  her beloved uncle. She is thirsty of her mother’s love and attention and because of this she develops some inferiority and low self-esteem when it comes to the perfectionist Marchioness. Her life comes to abrupt change when she receives her mother’s birthday present at the age of eight, it is that present that has slowly and gradually leads her to discover the darkest secret of the Marchioness herself. This novel is about love, family, hurt, comfort, betrayal, and a touch of heart-warming views on friendship.


THE STRUCTURE IS OLD AND UNIQUE. The posts are colossal and the entrance door is huge, even bigger than the Moorefields.

The place is a remote area, very far from the towns, and in fact, outside the gigantic golden gate is an open field covered with crabgrass and the long narrow road, where the horse-drawn vehicles ran, is superficially an endless road to look upon.

The travel is far cry.
Hime scrutinizes the place. There is no flowing fountain at the center but instead, a statuette of a dove hovering above the gargantuan structure of a stark-naked man, is positioned in the middle of the manor ground. It is an awestruck masterpiece.

“So… this is your Uncle’s mansion? Everything is ancient. Ah. It reeks off this creepy aura. Can you not feel it? There must be something evil underground.”
___Cain Lockland

*More chapter excerpts will be posted after the NaNoWrimo challenge ends. 


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